Here at Dogs My Love, we make sure to offer you everything your beloved pet needs. Our products and accessories include:

Collars Leather

  • Collars Rhinestones
  • Collars Studded and Spiked
  • Collars Rolled Leather
  • Collars Braided
  • Collars Decorated
  • Weighted Collars
  • Collars Other

Collars Cotton Webbing

Collars Reflective

Leashes Leather

  • 4' Leashes
  • 6' Leashes
  • Leashes Short
  • Couplers
  • Leashes Braided
  • Leashes European 6-way
  • Leashes Other


  • Leather Walking Harnesses
  • Leather Pulling Harnesses
  • Leather Rolled Harnesses
  • Cotton Webbing Harnesses
  • Weighted Harnesses


  • Soft Leather Muzzles
  • Leather Basket Muzzles
  • Wire Basket Muzzles

Collar and Leash Sets

Harness and Leash Sets

Dog Carriers

Dog House

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